By: Lorie Reyes

Planning 2

Planning 3

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor a week; not even in 3 board terms. So it was in this spirit that the Valle Verde 5 board members gave up most of their Saturday last January 22nd to imagine and to dream, and more importantly, wake up with a good dose of reality and map out a plan to achieve what started as a whim.

Most of the discussions centered on the Park Master Plan with Eli Santiago at the helm. Drawing on his vast corporate experience, Eli provided a process and a structure to guide the board in managing this ambitious project. Other matters such as an environmental scan, federation matters, finances, and security all contributed to a sea of challenges which the board members bravely took on with animated discussions and excited exchanges.

Through it all, Charlie Yu-Galan provided top class navigation as President Mon della Llana charted the roadmap towards our objective.
Charlie’s theme said it all: “A Whim, A Dream, A Scheme”. With the collective resolve, it was a Saturday well-spent indeed.