by: Patria G. Arañas, Ph.D.

VALLE VERDE FEDERATION Board of Directors held a Special meeting with Congressman Roman Romulo, upon his request 18 November 2010 at Valle Verde 5 Cabaña. Present were: Congressman Roman Romulo and the Federation Board members: Antonio Zalamea, VV1 and Federation President; Antonio Henson, VV4; Ramon de la Llana, VV5; Raymond Samson, VV6; Marlene Cabilao, Assistant Treasurer; and Patria G. Arañas, Ph.D., Assistant Secretary. Absent: Florante
Castillo, Dr. Efren Palabyab,. Also Present: Mr. Raul Agustin and Atty. Teodoro Bonifacio (Valle Verde 5 Directors)

Also present were Barangay Officials: Chairman Engracio Santiago; and Council members: Gloria Cruz, Mely Elec, Francisco Francisco, Eusebio Lazaro, Perfecto Pascual(outgoing), Michael Bernardo, Florencio de la Cruz and Ernesto Cruz

1. Congressman Romulo had asked to meet with the Federation Board with the Barangay Chair and Council for the purpose of presenting the projects from his District, specifically Barangay Ugong and the Communities in the area, among them, the Valle Verde Federation Villages; and to set some guidelines and processes with the Federation and the Barangay. He brought up the following points:

• The Department of Budget Management has approved the budget allocations of Congressmen and guidelines have been drawn up for the use of the PDAF, among them the, that primary use would be for school buildings, health facilities and, if without problems, also for multi-purpose structures.

• President Aquino and Secretary of DBM Abad have underscored the big expenditures for Metro Manila projects; therefore, this time, more attention would be directed to those outside MM. Further, the billion budget of CCT of DSWD has been approved.

• At September 27th meeting with the Federation Board and Valle Verde 5 Directors the VV5 gym project was the main subject; however, after that meeting, other proposals have been submitted to his Office, among them CCTV for VV3, Playground upgrade for VV, High School for Barangay Ugong, drainage works for MMDA.

• His allocation of P40M would not be sufficient for the projects already submitted to his Office.
• Priorities, especially from the Federation and the Barangay Ugong Development Council (BUDC) would be most important for the approval of projects.

• When priorities would have been lined up by the Federation and the BUDC, another meeting would be scheduled to assist the Congressman in his deliberations.

Congressman Romulo emphasized lining up priorities by the Federation for deliberation by the BUDC whose recommendations would be important in his decisions for the use of his PDAF. He mentioned that 12 schools were built in the District during his first term. Other projects have been coursed through concerned government or non-government agencies so that the certifications instead of money are released to those who seek help, e.g. requests for hospitalization, medicines, etc. coursed through a hospital and pharmacy.

With the role of the BUDC in the deliberations for the Congressman’s projects, determining membership of the Council and convening it would be crucial to the Federation members.

In the meantime, the VV Federation Board would need to meet for prioritization of projectsin preparation for presentation to the BUDC.

Congressman Romulo promised to send a copy of the projects submitted to him for consideration to the Federation (c/o Dr. Arañas). He informed the body that the projects under consideration would be for the 2011 Budget, the release of which would usually be in March and July.
He also asked to have more opportunity with the Federation and the Villages’ communities to present the work he does in Congress, the bills and the projects he has sponsored. This could be scheduled and arranged with him.
He was assured that this would be worked out within the Federation communities.

At the same meeting Chairman Santiago introduced the newly (re)elected Barangay Councilors: Gloria Cruz, Mely Elec, Francisco Francisco, Eusebio Lazaro, Michael Bernardo, Florencio de la Cruz and Ernesto Cruz, and Perfecto Pascual, outgoing one. He stated that the BUDC would be convened some time after the newly elected Councilors would have assumed office on December 1st. They would review the membership and get the representatives from non-government organizations to be appointed.

The other matters brought up were the concerns regarding pollution in the creek going through VV 3 and 4, noise coming from Metrowalk and Home Depot and errant golf balls from City Golf.

Congressman Romulo noted that the matter of pollution of the creek is related to the lack of water treatment plants of the commercial buildings at Ortigas Center. A public hearing in December has been scheduled on compliance with the law requiring such plants in all commercial establishments. A resolution has also been passed at the Senate for the purpose. In some instances, buildings would opt to pay the fines rather than comply with the requirement.