by Lorie Reyes

Valle Verde 5 welcomes the Year of the Rabbit on Feb 3rd, a brand new lunar year which our friends from China celebrate with much fanfare and tradition.

Past President Charlie Yu Galan recently shared a very interesting and
not-so-known snippet on the simple tikoy, a delicacy which we all enjoy this time of the year:

“Do you know why tikoy is sweet and sticky? According to Chinese folklore, new year is when the kitchen god reports to heaven what you have been up to the past year, much like Santa Claus. Anyway, if you have been a naughty kid, the stickiness of the tikoy will seal the lips of the kitchen god, and if you weren’t nice, the sweetness of the tikoy will make the kitchen god say sweet things about you.”

So to all of you neighbours who have stayed good (and who may have been just a little bit naughty), may the kitchen god say nice things about you so blessings and prosperity continue to shower on you and your loved ones. Kiong Hee Huat Tsai everyone!

Sources: wallpapersbuzz