FROM : Atty. TEODORO BONIFACIO, Jr. – Committee for Security & Enforcement

Stickers for cars/vehicles (“vehicles”) are issued to Homeowners/Residents, their guests and providers as specifically allowed by the Board of Directors/Village Administration. They remain the property of the Village Association.

To address various needs of homeowners/residents, the Traffic Committee recommended and the Board of Directors at its Annual Planning Meeting on January 14th, 2012 and confirmed by the Executive Committee on 31 January 2012 approved amendments to the issuance of stickers and privilege of parking. These are:


GREEN – P200 – All residents/homeowners must secure the Green sticker for all their cars/vehicles in order to enter and exit the Village freely and without being challenged by the Village security at the Village gates.

RED – P500 – Sponsored guests/non-residents of residents/homeowners will be issued Red stickers. The maximum allowable number of stickers per residents/homeowners is 5.

BLUE – P50.00 – Homeowner/resident or persons under their care and employment who own or assigned a motorcycle that enter the village may apply for a sticker to enter the Village without being challenged.


YELLOW Stickered Parking Card – P1,000 – The Village Administration will issue only one (1) yellow stickered parking card per resident/homeowner that will contain/state the specific address to whom it is issued. The yellow stickered parking card is a permit to park overnight any of the green stickered cars/vehicles of the resident/homeowner on the Street directly in front of the Residence or across the street in front of the residence. The yellow stickered parking card must be placed in the dashboard in clear view for the Village security to see.

PINK Stickered Parking Card – P2,000 – Pink stickered parking card will contain/state the specific address of the resident/homeowner. They are issued for vehicles of a resident/homeowner in excess of their garage capacity within the resident’s premises and the vehicle having the yellow stickered parking card. A vehicle with a pink stickered parking card can only be parked overnight at the Designated Parking Areas within the Village. This Card is transferable and can be used for any Green stickered car. The Village Administration shall only issue three (3) pink stickered parking cards per resident/homeowner.

Vehicles parked overnight without any Village sticker and without the yellow stickered parking card will be tire locked. One-Side Parking on the Streets is observed AT ALL TIMES. The resident/homeowner must notify their guests of this Rule. Other Guidelines are contained in the Traffic Manual to be given free to every homeowner/resident.

The following procedures will be followed:
1. An application form (copy attached) must be filled-up.
2. For existing cars already registered with the Administration Office, photocopies of Car Registration and Official Receipt are not needed.
3. For new vehicles with no LTO plate yet, a copy of the Deed of Sale/Delivery Receipt will be accepted. When secured, a copy of the Certificate of Registration should be submitted to Admin.
4. For Company owned vehicles- A Company Certification to show vehicle assignment is needed.
5. Posting of Car Sticker after payment.
• The Security Guard will do the posting of all stickers at your residence.
• In case the car is not available, the car can be brought to Gate 2 anytime from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM including week-ends.
1. The entry sticker will be posted on the upper center of the windshield. The smaller strip will be posted at the upper center at the back. For some cars on which the sticker cannot be posted at the center, the sticker will be placed on the upper left hand corner at the drivers’ side and the small strip at the upper center back.
2. NO sticker will be issued to commercial vehicles (painted with company name/logos/product and with advertisement signs). The only exceptions are school buses with necessary documents from the school, for insurance and the sponsoring Homeowner/Resident-Parent(s).
3. For security reasons, residents are advised to detach the Village car sticker when their car is sold.
4. Effective April 1, 2012 the Security Guards will stop all cars without 2012 car sticker. To avoid inconvenience, please secure your car sticker before said date.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.


To download the Car / Vehicle Sticker form, please click on the link below:
2012 Sticker 2.2.12