General Assembly – 18 March 2012

The Board of Directors for 2011–2012 presents this report to the Homeowners and Residents of Valle Verde 5.

The Board of Directors has strategically focused on our Community’s “Vision and Mission Statement,” as specifically defined in 2008, and has heightened the directions for more pointed efforts by realigning Board Committees for incisively accomplishing the Mission thus:

Vision: A harmonious, safe and caring community
Mission Statement:

Create and sustain an environment to achieve the Vision through effective governance;
a. Delivery of Services
b. Construction
c. Safety and Security Matters
d. Health and Environment Matters
e. Disaster-Preparedness
f. Financial Performance

Encourage, mobilize and support active participation and collaboration of residents.
a. Communications
b. Socio-Cultural and Fellowship Affairs
c. Sports and Youth

Carry out purposeful, effective and fruitful projects to enhance the quality of life in the Community;
a. Master Plan Implementation
b. Other Improvement Projects

Adopt a workable, long-term Master Plan;
Coordinate with concerned institutions/agencies, both public and private as appropriately needed;
a. Valle Verde Federation
b. Barangay Ugong Chair and Council
c. Pasig City Mayor and City Council
d. Congressman
e. Valle Verde 5 Outreach Program

Be proactively sensitive and responsive to changing needs of residents and the times.

The progress and developments both within and outside the Village have prompted adjustments in and fine tuning of guidelines for various services and use of facilities. Effective Governance, especially competent and timely delivery of basic services, has been at the forefront of operations and concern; therefore, more improved strategies with the use of available resources, manpower, finances and technology, have been formulated for the Board and Administration to more efficiently and effectively accomplish the Vision–Mission.

We thank the Homeowners’/ Residents’ generous cooperation with and appreciation of the increase in Association dues which has generated better leverage for compliance with mandated increases in operating costs and, more importantly, fleshing out the large components of the Master Plan, specifically the Gym/Covered Court, the completion of the Cabañas and calculating the implications of the anticipated Community Center.

Flagship Project: As reported in March 2011, the Board of Directors marshaled definitive approaches and strategies for the Dream of a Master Plan to become a feasible Scheme which was approved by the General Assembly. The Actuality has taken massive form now in columns defining the new Covered Court prepared to be roofed over and the almost completed three Cabañas. This Actuality is the product of the dynamic and resolute resolve of the Boards of Directors these past two/three years to translate the Nathaniel von Einsiedel Design into steel beams, columns, concrete forms, slabs and all the thing that make up an upgraded Covered Court and completed Cabañas.

Internal developments and changes in the Village demographics, such as fewer remaining vacant lots and new constructions, have affected the Association’s investment capability; however, better management of the Use of Village facilities as well as judicious fiscal responsibility has resulted in a healthy and secure environment. Better understanding and cooperation of Homeowners and Residents have facilitated implementation of Village rules and regulations.

Concerns regarding safety and security have been raised because of various occurrences both inside and outside in neighboring Villages. These have been handled by the Safety and Security Committee and the whole Board with the cooperation of concerned Homeowners and assistance from local government agencies as well as experts in the field who have been consulted and have generously lent their insights and expertise. The Security Force of the Village has been given stricter mandates and guidelines for improved services. Better procedures/processes have been applied and a night guard has been added to their roster. Additionally, improvements have been made to physically fortify weak areas within the Village, among them: brighter lights, white-washing of the insides of perimeter walls at Squash and vacant lots, better grass cutting at Designated Parking Areas, trimming of trees along the streets and at perimeter walls. Coordination has been worked out with Security Forces of other Valle Verde Villages and Frontera Verde for monitoring and securing the thoroughfares outside the VV5 perimeter walls, not to mention, the constant cooperation and coordination with local government forces.

External developments in the neighboring areas which have affected Village security and ecological situation have been dealt with through better communication and coordination with Ortigas & Company, Ltd Partnership, Barangay Ugong, Pasig City operatives, to some measure, in coordination with the Valle Verde Federation.

The Board has been strategically focused on its Vision and Mission Statement.

1. A harmonious, safe and caring Community – The projects and activities for 2011 pursued the themes indicative of the changes of the times, e.g. information technology with the opening of the Valle Verde 5 Website, health consciousness, in cooperation with Valle Verde Senior Citizens Circle project Prohealth, protection of the environment with the Tree Planting activity and monitoring of noise as well as odor factors at Silver City, among others.
The traditional celebrations in the Village, such as the annual garage sales, Halloween, Christmas Village decorations, have been maintained. A new project for more Community participation, the Family Day coupled with a Bingo Social brought the Community together for wholesome activities for the children and youngsters, and enjoyment for the Homeowners/Residents with various prizes for the bingo activity, not to mention the raising of funds to support Board projects, among them, the Outreach Project for Barangay Ugong.

Another new project, the Pet Run, was welcomed by pet lovers, especially dog owners not only of Valle Verde 5 but also of other Valle Verde Villages who were invited to join in the affair.

Also new was an Inter-color basketball tournament started to involve basketball enthusiasts from among Administration and Chapel staff, Security personnel, Homeowners’/Residents’ staff. These games gave the players an opportunity to look after their physical well being, their interpersonal relationships, and especially their self-worth.

Provisions for fast communications with the Board and the Administration Office have been further enhanced with the introduction of SMART’s Infoboard for subscribers of Smart Communications. Text messages have been sent free.

Regular monitoring and strict adherence to rules and regulations, supported by easy access to the Security Force, Board members, Barangay Ugong and Pasig City operatives and agencies, have resulted in Valle Verde 5’s maintaining a generally secure and protected Village environment.

The openness and readiness of the Board and Administration to accept and consider suggestions, as well as complaints, have promoted a a healthy exchange of information for improving and upgrading services.

The improvements of internal control procedures for the Association finances have been strictly complied with and, in consultation with the Internal Auditor, upgraded processes have been applied. The new External Auditor has found the Management Financial Reports and schedules well made.

2. Projects and Courses of Action – Regular meetings of the Board, the Committees, Sub-Committees and the Administration staff and personnel have provided direction and priorities, as well as avenues for more efficient and effective delivery of services.

The Village Rules and Regulations for Traffic, Construction and General Guidelines for Community safety and welfare have been strictly implemented. Stricter measures have been enforced for construction workers and others seeking entrance into the Village. Increased vigilance has been applied in the evenings, not only within but especially outside the Village perimeter walls. Homeowners and Residents have generously cooperated and complied with the guidelines.

The Outreach Project, started in December 2007 to help needy families (100) of Barangay Ugong and continued in 2008 with double the number of recipient families from donations made by Mr. Antonio Puyat; then augmented in 2010 with 100 Ugong Senior Citizens has been greatly appreciated by the Barangay. The project was a beneficiary of another activity for health purposes, Walk-for-a-Cause. The Outreach Project has been a uniquely Valle Verde 5 project,

3. Major and Minor Repairs – Various repairs, both major and minor have been attended to and completed as provided for in the 2011 Budget. Among the more substantial expenditures were: repainting of gutters and parking signs, increased height and installation of razor wires on perimeter walls at Squash/Ortigas, security measures for better lighting and clearer walls of vacant lots, repair of air conditioning units at the Social Halls.

The installation of drainage pipes at South Celery Drive/corner Carrot, the change to bigger drainage pipes at Gate 1 for the Outfall toward Lanuza creek were carried out by the Engineering Section of the Mayor’s Office. Both projects have been meant to reduce, if not eliminate flooding within the Village. So far, the drainage system has worked out well.

4. Projects by External Service Agencies – Manila Water Corporation has finally removed the overhead water tank. The replacement, an underground water reservoir, has not been brought up yet. The steady supply and volume of water, free desludging services have been maintained by MWC. Meralco has followed through securing its lines by regular tree trimming and quick response during emergencies. Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) sub-contracted upgrading of its console boxes and lines within the Village. Barangay Ugong has maintained its services extended to the Village, namely: street sweepers’ services, tree trimming, fumigation (stopped because of damaged equipment), dog vaccination. The garbage collectors have continued their weekly trips; however, garden waste has remained too much for the once-a-week truck. Mr. Ryan Dy, a Homeowner, has generously collected tree cuttings and provided the truck, personnel with chain saw for the purpose, especially when dead trees fall or have to be cut and hauled out. Mobile phone providers have been permitted to assess, upgrade their connections and boxes within the Village.

5. Master Plan – Two of the remaining phases of the Master Plan have become Actualties/Realities and they have been presented as the Flagship Projects of the Board of Directors. Revisions have been worked out in the Gym/covered Court for better functionality and economy of construction, albeit at some added cost. The remaining component, the largest one with the added features, is:

– Community Center at the present Covered Court
– Village Square and Stage
– Cauliflower Parking slot

The Mayor’s Office has given oral approval of a smaller Community Center, the internal component of which would be for the Association’s account. This would be tirelessly followed up; fund raising for the Community counterpart would be presented when formal approval by the Mayor would have been obtained.

6. External Relations – Proactive engagement has been established with Barangay, City Mayor and Councils, and Representative to Congress for effective mobilization of resources at their disposal to benefit the Valle Verde 5 constituency not just in basic services but also in support of special services, e.g. Security and First Response matters, Mayor’s Pamasko for Senior Citizens, etc., and projects, such as flood mitigation, facilities’ improvement and upgrade.

Participation in the Valle Verde Federation has been maintained and sustained through regular attendance as well as active participation at meetings and continuing cooperation and extension of assistance as needed. Since the VV5 President is Secretary and the Executive Director is Assistant Secretary, more participation and involvement have ensued and benefited the Village through easier access to information and services extended by government agencies

7. The Report of the Committees of the Board of Directors is attached.
2011 Accomplishment Report

On behalf of the Board of Directors for 2011-12, I thank the Homeowners and Residents for their unstinting cooperation in the implementation of Board undertakings and assistance in the achievement of projects for the upliftment of the quality of life in the Community.

I ask each one to extend the same generous support and cooperation to the incoming Board of Directors and Officers to bring to fruition the last phase of the Master Plan within this year and the next.

I particularly thank the Directors and the Community for giving me the opportunity to serve as President these two years, during which the thrusts started in 2006-07 have been tenaciously continued, fine-tuned and pursued to address the changing needs and situations of the Valle Verde 5 Community.