29 February 2012

Dear Homeowners and Residents:

An intrusion was reported during the early morning hours yesterday along South Celery Drive. The intruder broke into the maids’ quarters and kitchen work area.

An investigation was carried out by the Village Security Force and endorsed to the Pasig Scene of Crime Office (SOCO). Evidence of the intrusion (fingerprints, get- away bag with a television set left behind at the scene) has been collected by the Pasig investigators.

Initial findings from the evidence, testimony of househelp and circumstances surrounding the intrusion seem to point to workers doing repair work at the house who seemed to know what and where to get cellphones and money.

Pictures of night time/early morning loiterers have been shown the concerned individuals. These would be verified by Pasig SOCO.

More stringent procedures are being applied to construction workers and those who have been contracted for various repair jobs within the Village. In the process, a few workers have been found applying for ID renewal for contractors different from their previous ones, also within the Village. In another, workers without IDs have been discovered staying in a house being repaired whose employer not only has allowed it but also disregarded Village guidelines.

I enjoin Homeowners and Residents to mindful of workers/outsiders they notice within the Village not wearing their ID cards and to call the Guards ASAP.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,