Good Day fellow Valle Verde 5 Homeowners!

August has been a very busy month for all of us with the many projects the village is currently implementing. For those who were unable to attend the Chat Time last August 31, here are some of the important updates you have missed:

The renovations for our park and village center are already underway. The building will take some time but rest assured, it is a work in progress. It may take some time for completion, but with your help (and patience!), we’ll finally have a place for recreation with our family and friends. We will be updating you from time to time on where we are on the construction work of the activity center and the park renovation so you are aware of what is going on. Just in case you are interested to see the construction plans or as-built drawings of the activity center and the park, click here.

If you have noticed, we tightened our security measures to prevent burglars and syndicates from robbing our fellow homeowners. This is to ensure everyone’s safety as it will always be a primary concern of any village. We enjoin everyone in cooperating with the updated security measures so that we are able to keep the peace and safety of our village. If you notice anything strange or out of the ordinary, please alert our Security team or contact our admin office. It is also important that to educate our kasambahays on the different syndicates and their modus so as not to be victimized. We hope that everyone will remain vigilant in keeping our community safe.

Have you visited our website lately? If you haven’t, please do check it out as we have done a revamp of the whole website. It is now mobile-friendly so you can check it via your smartphones and tablet. The website is the village’s online go-to source for information on what’s happening around Valle Verde 5. In case you have something to share or want to place an ad online, do let us know and we’ll upload it on the website for you. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and follow our Twitter account as well! We will be updating our social media platforms on a regular basis so no one gets left behind on village news.

Our outreach program is also off to a good start as we were able to help several carinderia owners and merienda vendors maximize the potential of their business. We recently renewed the loan of six carinderia owners and merienda vendors via our mini micro-finance program. We would like to extend our gratitude to all homeowners who helped make our micro-finance program possible. Without your help, Valle Verde 5 will not be able to give back to the Pasig community. We hope that the same generosity is extended for our next outreach programs over the next months.

Our 35th anniversary is drawing near, and we hope that everyone participates. Festivities will be held on October 4, Saturday from sunrise to sundown. We will be having a Fun Run Around the Park at 6am and a Concert featuring the REO Brothers Band at 6pm. We’ll update you on the details in the next few days.

We’re looking forward to meeting all of you at the next Chat session!