Missed out on the Thank You Cocktails last December 10 for the inauguration of our new Social Halls? It was an evening filled with fun and camaraderie as neighbors enjoyed the line dance, several door prizes and music from a band. It was truly a night of thanksgiving, friendship, fun and laughter as the VV5 community celebrated the cooperation of everyone who helped in the construction of the newly-built community center.

Below are a some photos in case you weren’t able to join the gathering:








Sharing also the transcripts of the speeches given during the event:
Speech of VV5 President Raul Agustin: Community Center Inauguration
Speech of VV5 Vice President Engr Eliseo Santiago: Thank You Reception and Turnover of the VV5 Community Center
Speech of Urban Planner Nathaniel “Dinky” von Einsiedel, PhD: How the VV5 Park Master Plan Evolved