This is to remind everyone that effective April 1, 2015, our security guards will stop all cars without a 2015 car sticker. To avoid any inconvenience, we are requesting homeowners/residents/tenants to immediately secure appropriate car stickers at the Admin Office.

As practiced, car stickers and parking cards will be issued to Homeowners/Residents who have paid their dues. Below are the different types of stickers and parking cards available:


  1. BLUE – All residents/homeowners must secure the blue sticker for all their cars/vehicles to enter/exit the Village freely and without being challenged by the Village Security at the Village gates. The Blue Sticker costs Php200.
  2. RED – Sponsored guests/non-residents/homeowners will be issued red stickers/ The maximum allowable number of stickers per resident/homeowner is 5. The Red Sticker costs Php500.
  3. GREEN – Homeowners/residents or persons under their care and employment who own or are assigned a motorcycle that enter the village may apply for a sticker to enter the Village without being challenged.


  1. YELLOW Stickered Parking Card – The Village Admin will issue only one Yellow Stickered Parking Card per resident/homeowner that will contain the specific address to whom it is issued. The Yellow Parking Card is a permit to park overnight any of the blue stickered cars/vehicles of the resident/homeowner on the Street directly in front of the Residence or across the street in front of the residence. The Yellow Parking Card must be placed on the dashboard in clear view for the Village Security to see. The Yellow parking card is available for Php1,000.
  2. PINK Stickered Parking Card – Pink parking cards will contain the specific address of the resident/homeowner. They are issued for vehicles of a resident/homeowner in excess of their garage capacity within the resident’s premises and the vehicle having the yellow stickered parking card. A vehicle with a Pink parking card can only be parked overnight at the Designated Parking Areas within the Village. This card is transferable and can be used for any Blue stickered car. The Village Admin shall issue only 3 Pink Stickered Parking Cards per resident/homeowner. The Pink Parking Card is available for Php2,000.

Issuance of car stickers shall be until the end of March 2015.