The Lenten season is fast approaching and for those of you who are looking for recollections or retreats to join, the Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament Chapel has put together the following activities:


  • March 14 (Sat), 9am-12nn – A Talk on Faith and Mercy by George Tolentino Gabriel (A preacher in Blue Jeans from the community of Bo Sanchez)
  • April 2 (Holy Thursday), 10am-12nn – Speaker: His Excellency Mylo Hubert Vergara, DD
  • April 3 (Good Friday), 9am-12nn – Speakers: Rev. Fr. Alex Balatbat and Rev. Fr. Paolo Asper


  • Holy Thursday, April 2
    • 3:00PM Confessions – Vigil Room (Rev. Fr. Paolo Asper)
    • 4:00PM Washing of the Feet (Rev. Fr. Alex Balatbat)
    • 6:00PM-12:00MN Vigil
  • Good Friday, April 3
    • 3:00PM Confessions – Vigil Room (Rev. Fr. Paolo Asper)
    • 3:00PM Way of the Cross (Covered Court)
    • 4:00PM Veneration of the Cross (Rev. Fr. Alex Balatbat)
  • Holy Saturday, April 4
    • 8:00PM Easter Vigil (Rev. Fr. Alex Balatbat)

Let us make the most out of this Lenten season to reflect on our faith and the unconditional love of God for us when He offered His son for our salvation.