The Valle Verde 5 Vision:

A harmonious, safe and caring community

The Valle Verde 5 Mission:

  • Create and sustain an environment to achieve the vision through effective governance and continuous identification of security risk to mitigate any threats to safety;
  • Carry out purposeful, effective and fruitful projects to enhance the quality of life in the Community;
  • Adopt a workable, long-term Master Plan;
  • Coordinate with concerned institution/agencies, both public and private as appropriately needed;
  • Be proactively sensitive and responsive to changing needs of the residents and the changes in the times;
  • Encourage, mobilize and support active participation and collaboration of residents in Community endeavors.

2014 Board of Directors:

  • Services & Facilities – Chairman: Raul Agustin
  • Construction – Chairman: Edison Go
  • Safety & security – Chairman: Willie Suarez
  • Health & Environment – Chairman: Mike Diaz
  • Disaster Preparedness & Response – Chairman: Atty Judo Bonifacio
  • Finance – Chairman: Albert Tantoco
  • Communications – Chairman: Ritzi Roldan
  • Socio-Cultural and Fellowship – Chairman: Teena del Rosario
  • Sports & Youth – Chairman: Danny Palma
  • Master Plan Implementation and Other Improvement Projects – Chairman: Eli Santiago
  • Community Relations, Internal & External, Outreach Program – Chairman: Raul Agustin
  • In-Village Traffic and Parking – Chairman: Willie Suarez
  • Legal Services – Chairman: Atty Judo Bonifacio